Booking Ian to speak

Our founder, Ian Banner, is a very popular conference and charity speaker. Ian offers a series of talks, including:

  • Everything you wanted to know about the Internet of Things but were too afraid to ask
  • How to protect your company from large, multi-million-pound projects that don’t deliver value, even if they manage to deliver!
  • It’s all changed again! How continuous improvement can protect you from the uncertain future
  • Apple vs Android – fun vs. functional?
Ian is both passionate and funny about what he talks about. I am delighted to recommend Ian  - Brendan O'Rourke - CIO of Telefonica UK

If you want to contact Ian to arrange a talk, then email him at stating what you are interested in. Ian particularly loves to meet new people, but has a bad memory, so if you already know him, pretend you don’t!

Passionate about Agile

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